Wisdom to Share

For today, I will be sharing with everyone on Online Marketing lessons-learned stories collect from entities ranging from BMW to Motorola etc....all found on MarketingSherpa.

Enough said, here's the goodies:

  1. Marketing Wisdom 2007: Lessons from BMW, Motorola, GMAC and Savvy Tot on:
  • Email campaign segmentation tests and results
  • Blogging, podcasting and mobile marketing tips
  • Search marketing tactics and offline advertising
  • Web site design and social networking done right
2. Marketing Wisdom 2006: Lessons from American Red Cross,
CompUSA, Cox Communications, Deloitte & Touche,
Palo Alto Software, and The Motley Fool:
  • Email campaign segmentation test results
  • Search marketing lessons (especially combining PPC and SEO)
  • Offline advertising and marketing lessons
  • Web site design and landing page lessons
  • Business-to-Business marketing campaign lessons
  • Office politics and job searching tips for a successful marketing career
3. Marketing Wisdom 2005: Lessons from Timberland, Pacific Shaving, and ING Direct:
  • Email tests that worked
  • Search marketing tactics
  • Site design to raise conversions
  • Direct mail, radio, & telemarketing stories


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