Today Or Tomorrow ?

30 OCTOBER * Today Or Tomorrow ?

Ever have this thought "Hmm....nah...it's not really important...i gonna do it tomorrow..." So did you really commit to do it the next day or have the same thought coming up to you head again ? Will the tomorrow ever come ?

Do it Today - Do yourself a favour, whatever things you can do it today DO it ! Some changes that you make today will have an impact in the near future.

Determination- The only way to make your commitment or goal into reality is to be determined. Doesn't matter what you will faced, just give it a GO !

Never Say "I QUIT" - Doesn't matter if you failed countless time, get back up to your feet and fight back !

Plans To Actions - Plan out your plans and turn into actions. All plans and talks without action is useless.

Change - You must be willing to accept new challenges and change for the better.

Celebrate All Wins - Yes...Rock your souls to celebrate all your wins, no matter big or small...it's Party Time !

So you know what to achieve now ? How enthusiast are you about what you are going to achieve ? Or are you telling yourself.....I'm gonna do it when...i'm free....after my work later today...after my holidays....before the holidays.....Well who are you KIDDING ?

So what are you waiting for....Do It NOW !!


Achievement of "YOU"

28 OCTOBER * Achievement of "YOU"

What does Success means to you ? Are you doing what you do best ? Are You enjoying every bit of it ? Everyone no matter who, wants to be a success in life. But not many achieved what they dream of. As like eveyone, i'm on the journey of learning to realize my own personal achievement.Many successful people live by the elements for their success. Here are some of the elements i came about, after studying what the successful people execute in their life.

Learn - No matter what you want, you have to learn it first. If you want to be a engineer, you got to study engineering, if you want to be successful, you got to learn what the success people are learning. Always have the hunger to learn......

Your Goals - Goals, there are many types of goals. The only goals that is essential is making your goals, personal at its BEST. Not going after some material gains like money, not to beat everyone but yourself to it.

Positive - In order for all this to actually happen, you got to have a positive attitude. Not allowing the negative thoughts to cloud you.

Most people always thought having "I want to Rich" or "MONEY" as their ultimate goal, rarely attain it. But the people who success are always "Doing what they do best !" , "Love what they are doing at every moment" almost always attain what they want and financial security. Why? They execute the elements of successful people.

Rock This !

28 OCTOBER * Rock This !

" If You ain't failing enough, You ain't trying your best ! "
-Rock-Your-Boat !-


Ponder THIS ?

26 OCTOBER * Ponder THIS ?

"Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes."
- Phil Daniels -


Ponder This !

25 OCTOBER * Ponder This !

Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't.
-Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 - 1962)-

Creativity Comes From....Who ? YOU !!

25 OCTOBER * Creativity Comes From....Who ? YOU !!

What does creativity means to you ? How much do you know about creativity ? Are you studying enough creativity ? Answer: Not enough..... Always thought of seeing someone's great idea and saying "Oh...i also have the same idea...but...only i never say it..until NOW !" Seems familiar with that thought ? Seeing a great idea and having a great idea is a BIG difference ! Think about the guy who invented the radio and the guy that bought one.

Having constantly questioning and studying with lots of people and the environment....to come up with attributes or elements, that inspires or WoWs my own creative process.Here are some of the attributes or elements. See where you can rate yourself in.

1. Self-Label / Belief - Before the creative ideas start flowing, you must be believe in yourself that you are able to create it. Doesn't matter what others told you, just believe you are Creative...and you will be !!

2.Say YES to Failure - You must be willing to accept and welcome failure and keep on trying and trying. Willing to try something new that you never thought possible. There's no short cut to success.Think about all the people who make it BIG, do you think they had not encountered or faced any Failure or risk ? By saying YES to failure....only will your creative ideas start flowing !

3. Criticism - IGNORE what other people are trying to say "Your idea is not going to Work !". The reason for these people telling you that is because they are jealous. They don't have a great idea like what you have !

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Michael Michalko -


Thought Of The Day *^*

24 OCTOBER * Thought Of The Day *^*

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close
they were to success when they gave up.
--Thomas A. Edison (1847 - 1931)--


Thought Of The Day *?

23 OCTOBER * Thought Of The Day *?

"If you can imagine it,
You can achieve it.
If you can dream it,
You can become it."
--William Arthur Ward--


Why ? Why ?

22 OCTOBER * Why ? Why ?

When was the last time you faced any difficulties or failures ? Did you start blaming others rather than asking yourself this very simple question "Why ?"

Try asking yourself "Why ?" the next time you faced any upsets or failures......
After the initial "Why ?" ask yourself "Why ?" again until you can find to the root of the problem.

Key word : "Why ?"

Thought Of The Day ?*

22 OCTOBER * Thought Of The Day ?*

"Service to others is the rent each of us should pay
for our room here on Earth."
--Muhammad Ali--


Fail Factor !

21 OCTOBER * Fail Factor !

So far if you having been reading columns in Rock Your Boat !, you should have a refine idea of what the word "Failure" mean to YOU. If you haven't been reading,here's the catch today.There's no such thing as a total "Failure" unless YOU already told yourself that. "Failure" is not a person but an event. There are some of the Fail Factor. Can YOU find the Factor ?

1. Failure to even TRY !

2. Failure to accept Responsibility of Failure.

3. Failure to always have a POSTIVE attitude.

4. Failure to learn...learn...and LEARN !

Is your Fail Factor in the list ? Is YES, Change As Soon As Possible....but not impossible !

Thought Of The Day !?

21 OCTOBER * Thought Of The Day !?

"A person who seems to have all the answers, usually isn't listening."
--Jeffrey Gitomer--


Thank You !

20 OCTOBER * Thank You !

How often do u say the word "Thank You" to anyone ?
Daily ? Sometimes ? Seldom ? Never !
If you are wandering, why not make it a habit to say "Thank You" to anyone who deserve the compliment. Try recalling the last time someone say "Thank You" to you, does it Brightens up your day ? Since it brightens up your day, why not brighten someone else life too. And in the end day, YOU feel BRIGHTEN up too !!

If YOU are reading this now, i would like to say "Thank You" for devoting your precious time to vist Rock Your Boat !. "Thank You" for your comments that inspired us to come up with captivating topics everyday.

Thought Of The Day ^*

20 OCTOBER * Thought Of The Day ^*

" If YOU want 1 year of happiness, grow grain.
If YOU want 10 year of happiness, grow tress.
If YOU want 100 year of happiness, grow people. "
-- Harvey Mackay--


tiny VOICE.......

19 OCTOBER * tiny VOICE.......

Try recalling the last time when you faced any failure, a tiny voice in your head tells you "Come on, let's give up...." OR when you are making a major decision that will faced critic, the tiny voice comes again...."It's not going to work...." The tiny voice found in almost anybody, will always come to you if you CHOOSE to tell the tiny voice "Welcome" to take over your LIFE !! So why allow the tiny voice to take over YOUR life that you want !!

Try this when the tiny voice comes knocking on your head next time:
" Stop controlling my LIFE !! I want to lead MY life that i desire !! "


Thought Of The Day !

18 OCTOBER * Thought Of The Day !

Every morning when YOU wake up, YOU can choose to be either POSTIVE OR Negative. - Quote From My "Mentor"


Ticket To Failure - "Don't Rock My Boat"

17 OCTOBER * Ticket To Failure - "Don't Rock My Boat"
Heard or know how many people who tried to be different failed big time, people who tried very hard but still failed. The "You Can't Make It ! " philosophy from the relatives or people you know. Many more other changes or thought initiatives failure. So what if it is ! The only thing that really matters to you is whether you are affected by, what the world or people is trying to shape your thoughts or lifestyle. Think about it, will it be different if YOU choose what you really want.

In reality, there's one thing for sure is that isn't one ticket to instant "Success" . But YOU can change or eliminate your so called "Failure" thoughts or habits.

How to Fail faster ? See what your Failure Factor is......

1. Status Quo: You are satisfied with what you achieve and the Status Quo. You are very comfortable in your "Comfort Zone". "Comfort Zone" which is also the number one killer of human potential ! Never stop your hunger for learning, and i meant learning even till the day you parted with this world.

2. Take No-Risk: "I have tried taking enough risk, why don't let someone else do it". "Let me have the safest route without risk". The fastest way to failure is to not try at all.

3. InFlexible : Follow everything accordingly to the books or rules and nothing will go wrong. Stick to the stiff policy or rules. Don't worry somebody out there will appreciate you !

Here's the good news for Failures : Only YOU refuse to grow if YOU choose to. Your limit is YOU if think it is enough.

Ask yourself this
Am i trying Enough ?
What are my limits ?
What is my Goal ?

NETwork - The Secret To Success ?

17 OCTOBER * NETwork - The Secret To Success ?

What can Networking do for your success ?
The right contacts and connections can make or break it.

What can Networking do for your relationships ?
It helps build them even better.

Well networking is not only important, it is vital to every part of your life. So what you still waiting for, go get your networks connected now !!Networking is finding fast whom you need to get what you need in any given situation and helping others do the same.
The vital point : Helping others to help yourself.


Success Or Failure ?!

14 OCTOBER * Success Or Failure ?!

Note : This is the second of a two part series. If You haven't read the first part, try reading it first.

Recall all the moments that were so called the "Success" in your life, have you faced any set backs on your way or journey to the word "Success" ? Many didn't realised that before coming to the word "Success" in their journey, they did faced some set backs called "Failure". Maybe the setbacks were too small to consider "Failure" to them. Ponder about that for a moment !

Success = Failure
Failure = Success

Success Or Failure ?

14 OCTOBER * Success Or Failure ?

note: this is the first of a two part series

In whatever part of your life you will face two very common words "Success" and "Failure". Whenever you encounter "Failure" what is the first thing that you will do ? How about "Success", will it be different ? Normally many rather choose not to faced "Failure". Have you try asking yourself this question " Why am i running away from Failure ? "

Thought Of The Day !

14 OCTOBER * Thought Of The Day !
We lift ourselves by our thought, we climb upon our vision of ourselves. If you want to enlarge your life, you must first enlarge your thought of it and of yourself. Hold the ideal of yourself as you long to be, always, everywhere - your ideal of what you long to attain - the ideal of health, efficiency, success. - Orison Swett Marden

The Little Engine That Could

14 OCTOBER * The Little Engine That Could
Recalling among so many childhood books that you have read but which is the book which is still applicable to you even today ? Remember this phrase or word "I think I can, I think I can" that you had maybe heard before while you were a kid ?I recalled this book "The Little Engine That Could" that is small in size but BIG in thoughts. Thinking you can is 50% of the outcome and Thinking you can't is also 50% of the outcome. This book is not only for kids but for everyone OUT there !!


"YOU" Questions

10 OCTOBER * "YOU" Questions
Try answering these questions yourself to unlock the real "YOU" that is hidden, waiting for "YOU" yourself to unravel it.

1. What really rocks or excities You ?

2. What is the "something" that makes "YOU" different ?

3. What is the most special personal trait that only "YOU" have ?

4. What is the "YOU" people you know most characterize you as ?
* Great problem-solver
* Powerful "CLOSE" master


Quote Of The Day (!!)

09 OCTOBER * Quote Of The Day (!!)
If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.
If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. - Sun Tzu (Art Of War)

Quote Of The Day

08 OCTOBER * Quote Of The Day
"It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected." - Sun Tzu(Art Of War)

Bang !

09 OCTOBER * Bang !
The extract from Sun Tzu's Art Of War really makes concepts & thoughts splashing onto me HARD !! Yes, and i mean really HARD in the sense that i want to dashed out here at this very moment to share it. Many of us don't really know who we are actually, the so called "us" is what the world shaped us out of.Why not try to think this to yourself or to your "inner soul", the real "ME"......is this the life that i really desired ?


Lessons Learned From "CLOSING"

04 OCTOBER * Lessons Learned From "CLOSING" Deals
Before i begin, i regret not reading the wonderful book written by the "MASTERCLOSER" James W.Picken until me learn the hard way. This book really rock my life and i mean "CHANGE" in a big bang.So if you are reading this......go get yourself this book "The Art Of Closing Any Deals".What i am going to share are the lessons learned the hard way of "Closing" deals.From past humble experiences, either from what i learned and from people whom i assoicated with regards to "Closing" Deals. Here are the following to share.

01 * Never "Argue" With A Potential Prospect.
From shared experiences, some of the so called "salesman" failed to realise this very important factor. Which not only pissed the Prospect and will miss that & many more deals to come. Instead of trying to argue with the prospect,listen to what the real problems that needs to be amend to.The potential prospect is here to gain something that will solve their problem and not here to hear what will not help them solve that need.


Management Guru :Tom Peters

03 OCTOBER * Managemant Guru : Tom Peters
Consider as the man who invented modern business book.The guru who breaks free of mediocre and make the world as never been before. From his "In Search of Excellence" to today's "RE-IMAGINE". This is a must-have book for everyone so go get yourself a copy. Post this on your Blog, email to everyone out there. Get out of your seats and make it HAPPEN !!

check this pdf out: http://www.changethis.com/pdf/2.01.ThisIBelieve.pdf

Operation "Sheep"

03 OCTOBER * Operation "Sheep"
Wat's operation "Sheep" all about ? More to be unravel soon.....

Robert Kiyosaki Live in Asia

03 OCTOBER * Robert Kiyosaki Live in Asia
The world most popular financial educator,Robert Kiyosaki coming to asia tour on november 2004. More comments to share soon after the seminar talk.

Lessons From 911

03 OCTOBER * Lessons From 911
Since September 11 till today, everything has changed.......from military warfare to even business warfare.In the past wars dated from world war 1, you know where and how your enemies are going to execute. Since 911, everything have changed in a dramatic way. That is to say, you no longer know how, when the hidden enemy is going to strike.It's no longer having the biggest arsenal to win the unseen enemy but rather to emphasize on stealth & speedy recon. The same applies to today's business, gone are the tall high rises but the "small" in size big in feature companies. It's diverging to a whole new way of doing business like never before.

The Art of Deception

03 OCTOBER * The Art of Deception
The Art of deception or so called the "CLOSING" statements or sweet talks by either the amateur or professional salesmen. I'm sure many had been so called "CLOSE" by many or some salesmen or watever you called them. If you do experience any good or bad experience than do share with us. Let us take a closer look at the so called art.

Mediocre Life ?

03 OCTOBER * Mediocre Life ?
Had enough of mediocre life of waking everday just to do the same "old" stuff again.Than its time to wake up and taste the real challenging reality of the world has to provide.Start by being "YOURSELF", what do i mean in saying this. Simply meaning everyone, regardless of who or wat you are. Even at the moment you are born, you are given a gift "CHOOSE TO Cry" or "CHOOSE to laugh". Meaning to say, what you are leading now is what you "CHOOSE TO CHOOSE". So its time to choose a new chapter or era of your life.Start by steping out of your so called "comfort zone" and make a new cut of your life like never before.

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