Analyse Your Top Ranking Keywords

What are your website's top ranking keywords ?
Which keyword phrases do you rank well for ?
Which keywords are your competition ranking well for ?
How could you better optimize your website and content ?

Try SeoDigger, a free keyword utility tool which helps you in identifying the keywords your site ranks well to be in Google Top 20. In addition, data showing you the search popularity of the phrase are also determined from Wordtracker and Overture results .

However, this free unregistered version only analyze a single page of your website.Sign up for the free registered version, in identifying the rankings of all the pages on your website.

Take action now: Type in your website URL and let SeoDigger show you which phrases that website ranks for with-in the top 20 results.


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SEO Tip of The Day

Here's a tip from Google Webmaster Central blog:
If you want to prevent search engines from generating
snippets based from the Open Directory Project.

Use the following meta tag to prevent search engines
from using the snippet information for the page's description.

However, do take note that it takes some time for the snippet changes to place.


Google I/O Session: Search Friendly Development

In this Video and Presentation slide from the Google I/O session,
Maile Ohye will be sharing techniques in helping bring your site more users through search engine traffic. She will be covering on how to maximize your site, your content, and your application's exposure to search engines.

Session covering on:
* Make sites with Flash, AJAX/JavaScript, and images better crawled and indexed by search engines
* Create a strong, crawlable foundation through URL and site structure
* Deal with duplicate content caused by URL parameters and dynamic pages (help search engines determine the canonical version)
* Check that your site follows SEO best practices

View the Search Friendly Development presentation slide document


Search Engine Optimisation Myth

"We Will Guaranteed Number One Ranking"
Sounds familiar ?

Ever receive calls from so called "SEO Experts or Companies"
whom are self proclaiming they could help get you to the
Number One rank in Google or any other search engines ?

What they could possibly help you in becoming the number one
ranking is coming up with phrases that wouldn't even be
relevant to / with what your consumers or customers are
searching or seeking for.

Here's a quick question for them, should you receive calls
from them again:

  • Does your company own the search engines ?
No one could predict what's coming up next in the various
search engine algorithms except the search engine owners themselves.

If they promise you they could do so, kindly thank them for their
crystal ball predictions and bid farewell to them.


Search Engine Optimization Daily Digest - Issue 1


Optimize Your Email Marketing, Part 2

Have you tried utilizing the last email optimization
tips which was shared in the last post ?

More to share you say ?
Alright let this post be the Part 2
of Optimize Your Email Marketing

Less talk...here's some additional
optimization tips to share:

> Allow your readers to opt in or opt out
from your email communication conveniently.
Yes, you definitely do not want your readers to
labeled your emails as SPAM just because they
felt frustrated of not being able to opt out from your
email offers conveniently .

> Instead of bombarding them with everything at once,
try communicating relevant content with your segments
at different stage of their relationship with you.
Build an on-going relationship with them step by step and
NOT a one-way dialogue.

> Track all the clicks in the emails...be obsessed with
tracking the readers' clicking behavior. Let them help
you determine what works and what don't with your copy,
colors, hero shot to call to action buttons.

> Remember to instill a control and variable group
for your email marketing testings efforts. In order to
track which or what new elements work or don't in the
variable group as compared to the control.

Your turn.
Share your optimization tips with us.

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Optimize Your Email Marketing

Email marketing.
Are you utilizing it ?
If so, are you communicating it effectively ?
Are you communicating relevant content to
your segment of existing or potential customers ?
How could you do better ?

Here's some optimizing tips to share:

> Call to action above the fold
According to research, not many tend to scroll down the
entire email communication offers they receive, thereby missing
out on the call to action found at the end of the email. So be sure to
include a compelling call to action above the fold to entice them in
taking action.

> Reduce graphic intensive email

> Having ALT-text tagging embedded onto your graphic
image in your email helps ensure your readers getting to
read your message even if it's block by the email client.

> Consistent layout
Since readers spent considerable time learning your email
layout and structure, so don't make them having to
relearn your new layout every now and than.

> Test Test Test & Optimize
Conducting A/B testing and let your readers decide for you
what works and what don't in ensuring you are delivering
relevant content to them.
Yes test every element from copy to call to action.
The testing doesn't ends here...
Test...Test...Test...on a on-going effort

Your turn.
Are you taking action in optimizing your email marketing efforts ?
You decide.


Landing Page Optimization Daily Digest - Issue 1

Landing Page Optimization Daily reads will be the first of daily readings.More daily reads covering from Search marketing, PPC to web analytics to come.

Optimizing Your Landing Page Part 1 - Case Studies from Marketing Experiments

Optimizing Your Landing Page Part 2 - Case Studies from Marketing Experiments

Uncovering Site Problems for Landing Page - From landing page expert Tim Ash

Your turn now to suggest any good reads that you
would like to share with us.

Share. Read. Learn. Optimize.


Vinton Cerf talks about Web 2.0 and beyond....

What's next for Web 2.0 and beyond ?
What's the next 50 years for internet development ?
What impact will the internet be hitting us now and tomorrow ?
How are our life intertwined with the technology and beyond ?
Are you ready for it ?

The VP of Engineering and Chief Internet Evangelist of Google, Vinton G. Cerf shared his perspective on the current trend and the future of internet development on an interesting evening held at Suntec City in the Lion City on 23th May 2008. In case you missed the event or just want to recap the fantastic event, how's the video:

“Tracking the Internet into the 21st Century”

Your turn.....
What's your perspective on the future of Internet ?
Are you ready for it ?
Is your company ready to make the leap ?
If not, how could you leverage it into your business / communication strategy ?

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