28 April * Desire !

Define Desire.
What are your desire in life ?

Status in Society.....
Emotional needs.....
A new Life.....

Why is there the desire ?
What do you gain or loss from it ?

What do you desire NOW ?


Freedom ?

27 April * Freedom ?

Define Freedom.
What is freedom ?

Freedom of thoughts.....
Freedom of speech.....
Freedom of life.....
Freedom of choice.....
Freedom of expression.....

Are you exercising your Freedom ?
Or are you giving it up ?


Life ?

26 April * Life ?

Define Life.
What does Life meant to you ?
What Life are you leading now ?
Are you leading the "Ideal" Life you always wanted ?

Is the so called "Ideal" Life possible in reality ?
Does Life meant securing Fame or Position in Society ?
Or does it meant something else to you ?

Simple Life,
Happy Life,
Successful Life,
Stressful Life,
Challenging Life,
Dangerous Life,
Careful Life,

You decide.....
It's Your LIFE !!



24 April * Mentors

Define Mentors.
Who are your mentors ?

Are you learning through them ?
Are you exploring new thinkings,
New depths.....
New area of focus.....
And development of self.....
With your mentors ?

After discussing and learning,
Are you executing it ?



22 April * Mediocre !

Define Mediocre.
Are you going through the same routine daily.....?
In Work.....
In Thinking.....
In Life.....

Do you accept the moderate,
The good enough,
The acceptable,
The satisfactory,
And etc......
Way of thinking ?
Way of Life ?

Or are you too comfortable in your "Comfort Zone",
And not challenge new boundaries ?

Are you accepting the "Mediocre" life ?
Are you accepting the "Mediocre" way of thinking ?
Are you accepting the "Mediocre".......?

Are you accepting it ?
Or challenging it ?


Change Your View ?

21 April * Change Your View ?

Do you change your view often because of.....
Your friends.....
Your family.....

Can others tell you how you want to change ?
Will they help you in engaging the change you desired ?

Or do you engaged in the change you desired ?

You decide.....


Measuring Success ?

20 April * Measuring Success ?

Define Measuring Success.
Do you measure your Success ?
Or do you not ?

Do you measured Success in terms of.....
Climbing the organization ladder.....
Position in society.....

Or should you give thought to
Your own belief.....
Or your own philosophy.....

You decide.....


Real Self

19 April * Real Self

Define Real Self.
Who is the Real You behind ?

Not the Ideal Self created by your world...
But the original "YOU" inside yourself.

Are you following your own belief ?
Your own philosophy ?
Your vision or thinkings ?

Or someone else's prospective of "YOU"

The altered "YOU" ?
Or the Real "YOU" ?

You decide....


Ideal Self

17 April * Ideal Self

Define Ideal Self.
Always thought of who you want to be since younger ?

Who you want to be ?
What are your Aspirations ?
Your Dreams ?
Your Ego ?

Are you pursing it now ?
Is it realistic now ?

Does your parents, peers or mentors ever mentioned to you,
who they want you to be ? (their version of the ideal self)

Or are you pursing because of someone
else's version of ideal self ?

Or is it your own ?



16 April * Talent

Define Talent.
What are you really good at ?
Arts....Music....Science...or ?

Are you utilizing your talent ?
If so, are you
maximizing it ?

Or are there talents hidden within you ?
Waiting for you to unravel it ?


IQ ?

14 April * IQ - The Vital Point In Life ?

Define IQ.

High IQ = Higher Success Prediction In Life ?
Low IQ = Lower Success Prediction In Life ?

Does good grades in school means higher
chance of success in later part of life ?

Is IQ really the vital point in work or life ?
OR is it not......?
OR are there other factors......?

You decide.....


Picture ?

13 April * Picture ??

What's Your View ?

Which direction are you viewing ?

How do you view your world ?

Can your point of view be changed ?


View Where ?

11 April * View Where ?

Often when you are walking,
which direction did you viewed ?

Is it the front, back or.....?

What do you see daily ?

The surrounding people ?
The environment ?

What will you view if you looked in a different direction ?
Will you miss noticing something ?

What if you closed your eyes, what will you see ?

Are you willing to change your point of view ?
Are you open to new challenges ?


Picture this ?

10 April * Picture this ?

What does this picture tells you ?

1. Does the man need help ?
2. Or is the man armed and dangerous ?
3. What does the man do as a living ?
4. Or.......

What's Your View ?

What you think, is how you perceive your world.....
What you perceive, is how you want your view
of the world to be....

So what's your view of this picture ?
Or how you view your world ?


Ponder This !

09 April * Ponder This !

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.
*Albert Einstein *


Terror...Terrorist...Terrorism ?

08 April * Terror...Terrorist...Terrorism ?

Define Terrorist.
Define Terrorism.

Why is there Terrorism ?
Due to....?

Economical aspect ?
Social impact ?
Or Psychological area ?

Will it end ?
Or will it continue to thrive ?

Who will suffer ?


What's Your Life's Message ?

07 April * What's Your Life's Message ?

"My Life Is My Message"
* Mahatma Gandhi *

What is your life's message ?

What is the something special or
remarkable that you can do today ?

To mark an era in the diary of your life ?

Are you doing it daily ?

You decide....



04 April * Effort

Nothing can happen till effort is chip in.
But it Re-inventing your new life....
Your ideas....
Your desired plans....
Your goals....

Effort = Pays Off, doesn't matter whether it's a
Success or Failure...At least first step taken to make a difference.

No Effort = Stagnant, no action taken, all talks and no action..

Your Effort ,enthusiasm and passion make or break you.


Quote This !

03 April * Quote this !

Freedom is not worth having if it does not
include the freedom to make mistakes.
* Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948) *


Education ?

02 April * Education...

What does Education meant to you ?

Seeking Education, just because you had to, like the crowd ?
Or because you really wanted to ?

Learning because of interest ?
Going through from an elementary to a university ?
had it become a routine in certain stage of your life ?
Or simply following what the mediocre crowd is going through ?

Seeking a bona fide for Education...
Or ........?
You decide....

Ponder This !

02 April * Ponder This !

Nothing or Nobody in this world, can stop you from trying new horizons, except yourself.
* Rock Your Boat ! *

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