Pitch Pitch Pitch

What's your pitch for today ?

Interview for the first job..
Replying an email..
Your favourite toy when you're a kid..

Everyday in life,
Everything we do is a matter of presentation and persuasion.

Here's a book on winning all aspects of your Life's Pitch:
Life's a Pitch....How to Be Businesslike with Your Emotional Life and Emotional with Your Business Life, by Stephen Bayley and Roger Mavity.

Stephen Bayley introduces the book:

What we've written here is almost the ultimate design book, because it's about how to design yourself ... how to create a winning and attractive personality...how to get to "yes" in an argument or presentation. So, the book is about the self—communication, self-presentation, and how we create impressions. It's a book about design, but design that is applied to people and ideas...

Cool book website: lifesapitch.uk.com

How's the pitch sounds ?

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