A Conversation...

Corporate man X : How could my brand / company tap into
social marketing buzz that is happening now ?

Agency Y: Oh Facebook will do the work !

Corporate man X: (Getting excited) Really !! Get my company
a Facebook page ! What a great idea !

Does the above sounds familiar ?
Without a doubt, Facebook is one hot place where you would want your brand to be in, leveraging the social community within. But in reality, what do you really hope to achieve through Facebook or any social community websites ?

Here's some points to ponder:

  • What's your end goal through tapping into the social aspect ?
  • How does it relate back to your business goals & objectives ?
  • How are you going to measure it ?
  • Are there any measurable metrics in place ?
  • Is your back end team ready to support it ?
  • Or are you just simply following what everyone else is doing ?
Next time, when your creative agency recommends you without
considering the above....FIRE THEM !

Now its your turn....
Follow the hype ?
Or ?
You decide.

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