Before you say "Get my Business on Twitter"

Before you start saying "Get my business on Twitter, I want to be where all the buzz is happening now, sounds so exciting" to your marketing team; technology team or agency, here's some quick to do list:

Identifying where your customers are REALLY
Accessing where and how your customers (prospects, existing,brand loyal, passionate evangelists) are engaging with your business or brand through digging into your business intelligent data (CRM, Web analytics, other internal data, external data, channel data) and mapping it out.

  • Are they on Twitter ?
  • How are they communicating about your business or brand with others ?
Think two way communication and not one way
If you thought of using Twitter as the way you blast promotions and deals you did with TV, forget it, it doesn't work this way in Twitter. Want to understand how a business communicate with its customers ? Need a live example ? Here's Zappos, take a look on how they are engaging and communicating with customers and non customers alike.

Track > Learn > Understand > Repeat
Identifying which messages and post are generating response through url link trackers like bit.ly or the recent Twitter Data Tracking tool found in Omniture.
  • Calculating your url link CTR (Click Through rate) = individual post clicks / number of followers (in identifying which post / message generates higher or lower response)
  • Measuring the desired response after which (i.e. site visit recency, depth of visit, visitor loyalty, blogpost comments,newsletter signup, software download, etc)
  • Finding out how often your business is mentioned on Twitter;
  • Who are the individuals mentioning most about your business or brand and who are their audience ?
Is your business on Twitter ?
How are you Listening and Learning about your business and customers ?
Let's carry on the conversation on Twitter

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