Test Your Call to Action Button

Before we begin for today,
lets do a little test below should we ?

Yes, which call to action button would entice you to click onto it if you were a student signing up for your degree program ?

Have your answers ready ?

As a business owner / marketer, which copy would you put onto your call to action button ?

  • Would a generic copy on the button entice more clicks from your users / visitors ?
  • Or would a copy which inform your users / visitors on the next step or what's IN for them once they click onto the the call to action button ?
Why not implement a simple A/B testing and let your users or visitors decide for you. Let them decide which copy; which colour of the call to action button; which size entice them better to click onto the call to action button.

This is only part of the equation, make sure you test your landing page elements in an integrated approach, taking into consideration the following elements as well:
  • Body copy
  • Hero shot images
  • Sign up form fields
  • Landing page load time
Are you testing your landing page ?
Or are you sitting in the cubic room guessing ?
Are you optimizing your landing page ?
You decide.

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