QR codes embedded on grave stones ?

In Japan, it is common to find QR everywhere and anywhere.
But now a memorial stone maker Ishinokoe in Japan is taking that technology to be embedded onto grave stones soon. So the next time round, the visitors can simply just scan the code embedded on the grave stones with their mobiles and immediately getting information on the deceased.

The decease's family can upload content such as pictures, videos and family information on what visitors can get to view on their mobile through the QR coding. Will this really work in other countries in the near future ? Or will it be widely accepted ? Only time will time.

Have you thought of how you could integrate the QR technology into your communications ?
If so, how can you better utilize it ?
You decide.


Optimize your Keywords

To begin with today's topic....here's some questions to ponder
How do people land onto your website ?
Where do people land onto your particular web page ?

If they came from search engines;
What is / are the particular keywords that they keyed in that brought them into your website ? Are you finding out about which particular keywords that is most popular among your visitors with regards to your particular product or product lines ?

If its a NO for the above....time to take action
If its a YES for the above....congratulations
Whether its a YES or NO for you.....here's something to share with you today on optimizing your keywords.

Generic Keywords or niche keywords ?
You might be thinking that generic keywords are the best approach. As a rule, it's better to focus on niche keywords related to your product or service. Even though highly targeted and specific keywords doesn't bring in as much traffic as compared to generic ones, however having target those niche keywords you can expect visitors to find what they want and have a higher probability of converting into customers. If someone searches for the specific name of your product, there is a high possibility they are looking to make a purchase. These keywords are too important to be ignored.

Localized search terms
So how does localized search terms helps you ?
Let's say you're a Italian cafe in Suntec, Singapore. Using keywords like "Italian cafe Suntec Singapore" or "Italian cafe Singapore" not only make people easily locate your cafe but also helps search engines refer most people from Singapore to your site.

Here's the recap for this post:

  • Finding out what are the general terms with relations to your business, then determining the relevant / specific keywords and optimizing your respective webpages for the most specific search term.
  • Localized search terms characterizing your business.
  • Don't stop at just one page; optimize all your webpages for localized search terms.


Free SEO Analysis Tool

How well does your website or blog fare ?
What's your website or blog score out of 100 ?
Try this FREE tool by Website Grader to find out.

What this tool does is it measures the marketing effectiveness of your website / blog based on 5 broad search engine marketing factors. So what are the 5 factors taken into consideration ?

The 5 factors taken into consideration namely:

On-Page SEO
* Your page titles - What is your website about ?
* Headings - Is your heading relevant and friendly to both human and search engine spiders ?
* Content - Is your content relevant and interesting ?
* Meta tags - What is website about ? What are your keywords ?
* Alt Tags - How do you want the search engine spiders to see your image ?
* Readability level - How reader friendly is your content ?

Off-Page SEODomain Info
* Google PageRank - How well does your web pages fare in Google search ?
* Google Indexed Pages - Spider crawling frequency ?
* Last Google Crawl Date - Spider crawling frequency ?
* Inbound Links - How many other sites are linking to your website ?

If your website is a blog or you have a corporate blog, this might be useful information for you.
* Blog Analysis
* Blog Ranking - Ranking based on Technorati
* Subscription Methods - How people can subscribe to your blog easily either through RSS feed or an email subscription form

Social Mediasphere
Your web presence outside of your own website is also vital.
* del.icio.us bookmarks - Is your website bookmarked by many ?
* Digg.com Submission Summary - How many of your website articles are being submitted ?

Competitive Intelligence
* Competing Websites
* Historical Data Available

Try this tool to determine how well your search marketing fare.


Optimize Your Organic Click Through Rates

Your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads carefully deployed and optimize.
You are found on the top search rank for the relevant search terms or keywords keyed in by your visitors and leading them to the respective relevant offer/ landing page.

Now you have done all of the above, so what's next you say ?
Are you stopping the process here ?

Are you tracking your organic click rate as well ?
How are you measuring your organic click rate ?
And are you conducting any tests in optimizing it ?
Or are you taking your search optimization driven traffic for granted ?

If you're not taking any action in measuring and running tests to optimize SEO-driven traffic to your website, here's a lab test ran by MarketingSherpa which resulted in a 250% more Search Marketing Clicks which might just get you started:

In the lab test, Search Marketing Benchmark Guide, MarketingSherpa conducted a study with business professionals. Through the test conducted on Google search, it is discovered that executives are 250% more likely to click on an organic listing if it:

(i) had a fairly short URL and
(ii) appeared directly below a listing with a long URL.

So what does this meant ?
Time to optimize by keeping your URLs short and precise.

Time to take action
Conduct a search on your website in comparison with the relevant keywords.
And compare your organic listing URLs with your competition.
How are you faring in comparison with the competition ?

Short URLs ?
You decide.

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