SES Chicago 2009 Coverage Day 3

A quick overview coverage for Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2009 Day 3

Organic Search

Social Media



SES Chicago 2009 Coverage Day 2

A quick overview coverage for Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2009 Day 2

Organic Search

Landing Page Optimization

Social Media

Search Techonolgy

Online Marketing Optimization

Mobile Marketing


Flash Search Engine Optimization

How do we create flash content which are crawlability by search engine robots ?
In the following video Jay Middleton and Damien Bianchi share practical steps and best practices for optimizing Flash based content for search engines.

Episode 1: Flash Search Engine Optimization
In this first part of the series Jay Middleton and Damien Bianchi talks about how to optimize your flash content for search engines.

Episode 2:
Flash SEO Demystify
In this second part of the series Jay Middleton and Damien Bianchi explains how search engines view dynamic content within a web page, and highlighting the importance of tags, descriptions and links.

Episode 3: Crawlability of interactive content
In this third part of the series Jay Middleton and Damien Bianchi explains how the joint partnership between Flash Player and Google, offers crawlability for interactive and dynamic content on a website.

Episode 4: Deep links and dynamic content

In this forth part of the series Jay Middleton and Damien Bianchi explores the challenges of search engine optimization regarding deep links and dynamic content

Episode 5: Optimizing keyword research and metrics

In this fifth part of the series Jay Middleton and Damien Bianchi offer tips to create your SEO strategy

SES Chicago 2009 Coverage Day 1

A quick overview coverage for Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2009 Day 1

Search Industry

Organic Search


Social Media


PubCon Vegas 2009 Coverage

A quick overview coverage for PubCon Vegas 2009:

Organic Search

Paid Search

Landing Page Optimization


SMX East 2009 Day 2 Coverage

A quick live blogging coverage of SMX East 2009 Day 2

Organic Search

Future of Search

Paid Search

Link Building

Local Search



Integrated Marketing


SMX East 2009 Day 1 Coverage

A quick live blogging coverage of SMX East 2009 Day 1

Organic Search - SEO


Mobile Search


Keyword Research

Search Copywriting

Optimization & Conversion


SES San Jose Day 2

Coverage from SES San Jose Day 2 as follows:

Search Engine Optimization

Conversion Optimization

Website / Landing Page Optimization

Web and Data Analytics

B2B Buyer Behaviour

In the following video Gord Hotchkiss discuss about how buyer influences maybe online or offline but they all play a part in determining how purchasing decisions are made

Social Media


SES San Jose 2009 Day 1

Coverage for SES San Jose 2009 Day One:

Web Analytics Coverage

Website Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Matt Bailey uses Star Trek anologies to discuss ecommerce shopper behaviors in this video.
Somebody who comes to your website looking for a digital camera are not going to behave the same way as when they come to your website looking for an mp 3 player - Matt Bailey

Social Media

Lee Odden states that social media participation produces content, which others can link to, in turn helping your search engine ranking by providing more inbound links in this video:

Clay Shirky, the author of 'Here Comes Everybody' discusses the shift in user behavior in a Web 2.0 World in the following video:


Optimzing your Landing Page Conversion

In this video interview, Scott Brinker shares his thoughts on landing page features that could help double the conversion rate of standard landing pages.

Where do you normally drive prospects / visitors clicking onto your Generic keywords to ?

  • A Generic home page ?
  • Category page ? Or ?
Have you tried utilizing a 2-step landing pages to segment click-throughs from generic keywords ? Scott Brinker explains how 2-step landing pages can be used to segment click-throughs from generic keywords to boost conversion rates in the following video:

How to create 2-step landing pages ?
  • First step is a 1-click segmentation choice - Offering the generic keywords prospects / visitors an option in selecting the appropriate segment (self-segmentation) that relates to them.
  • Second step is the selected destinated landing page which is of relevance to the generic keywords prospects / visitors.

Why create 2-step landing pages ?
  • Ads messaging relevance to individual segment - Through this segmentation, data could be obtained in having a better understanding on which of your ppc ads are attracting the particular segment.
  • Segment Conversion Rate - And through the second click, we would be able to determine which segments are converting and which are not.
Ponder this:
  • Will you still drive your generic keywords prospects / visitors to generic landing pages ?
  • Or start testing and increase your conversion rate ?

  1. Why not create a simple 2-step landing page in testing your conversion rate ?
  2. And share your testing results with us


Advanced SEO Strategy Collection

Collection of Advanced SEO Strategies:

How search and user friendly is your website ?
Are you testing and optimizing on a on-going basis ?


Landing Page Optimization Collection

Collection of Slides on Landing Page Optimization:

How are you optimizing your landing page ?
What is / are the end goal of your landing page ?


How the Mighty Fall ?

Jim Collins, of How the Mighty Fall ?, shares on how to spot the subtle signs that your successful company is actually on course to sputte in the following interview:

What,how and why does your company exist ?
How do you prevent your company from going obsolete ?
Your thoughts ?


Are we in control of our own decisions? Seriously ?

According to research findings,we're not as rational as we think when we make decisions. So does it really affect our purchasing behaviour when trying out a new product or service ?

Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational, shares with us why....

Are you in control of your own decisions when purchasing a new product or service ?
Your thoughts ?


Before you say "Get my Business on Twitter"

Before you start saying "Get my business on Twitter, I want to be where all the buzz is happening now, sounds so exciting" to your marketing team; technology team or agency, here's some quick to do list:

Identifying where your customers are REALLY
Accessing where and how your customers (prospects, existing,brand loyal, passionate evangelists) are engaging with your business or brand through digging into your business intelligent data (CRM, Web analytics, other internal data, external data, channel data) and mapping it out.

  • Are they on Twitter ?
  • How are they communicating about your business or brand with others ?
Think two way communication and not one way
If you thought of using Twitter as the way you blast promotions and deals you did with TV, forget it, it doesn't work this way in Twitter. Want to understand how a business communicate with its customers ? Need a live example ? Here's Zappos, take a look on how they are engaging and communicating with customers and non customers alike.

Track > Learn > Understand > Repeat
Identifying which messages and post are generating response through url link trackers like bit.ly or the recent Twitter Data Tracking tool found in Omniture.
  • Calculating your url link CTR (Click Through rate) = individual post clicks / number of followers (in identifying which post / message generates higher or lower response)
  • Measuring the desired response after which (i.e. site visit recency, depth of visit, visitor loyalty, blogpost comments,newsletter signup, software download, etc)
  • Finding out how often your business is mentioned on Twitter;
  • Who are the individuals mentioning most about your business or brand and who are their audience ?
Is your business on Twitter ?
How are you Listening and Learning about your business and customers ?
Let's carry on the conversation on Twitter


Lead Generation Guide

How do you implement and execute a successful lead generation marketing campaign ? And how do you quantify a successful B2B lead generation campaign ?

How ?
Mac McIntosh has created a Step by Step guide, on how you could create a successful B2B lead generation marketing campaign:

Step 1 - Set Goals
Determine your company’s goals for sales revenue in the coming year

Step 2 - How much new business do you need ?
Determine the percentage of your company’s revenue that needs to come from new business

Step 3 - How much revenue needs to come from marketing’s leads ?
Determine the percentage of your company’s new business revenue that needs to come from marketing-generated leads

Step 4 - Define “qualified sales lead”
Determine the definition of a “qualified sales lead” with which marketing, sales and corporate management agree

Step 5 - Calculate how many qualified sales leads will you need
Determine how many qualified sales leads are needed to meet your sales revenue goals

Step 6 - How many inquiries needed ?
Determine how many new inquiries or responses are needed to generate enough qualified sales leads to meet your goals

Step 7 - Determine the specific business problems you solve
Determine the specific business problems your products/services address and the problems your company is qualified to solve

Step 8 - What are your competitive advantages ?
Determine your company’s competitive advantages and how best to articulate them

Step 9 - Who are your best prospects ?
Target the best companies and contacts with your lead-generation efforts

Step 10 - How will you reach the best prospects ?
Determine how to reach the best companies and contacts

Does the economic downturn affect your lead generation efforts ?
Why ? And Why not ?

And how could you reach new prospects
effectively and efficiently and turning them into customers ?

You decide.


Strategies and key learnings from Obama's presidential campaign

In the following video, Larry Grisolano, senior communications specialist for President Obama's election campaign, discuss the strategies and key learnings from one of last year's most successful marketing campaigns.

AMA Mplanet 2009 - Interview with Larry Grisolano from AMA Mplanet 2009 on Vimeo.

What key learnings could you take away from this video ?



Where are you now ?
Where exactly are you now ?
Where are your friends now ?
Where do your friends hang out ?

Slide out your smart phone and let Google Latitude show you...

In this video,Stephen Baker talks about the latest location-tracking software, Sense Networks and Google Latitude, and how companies may target advertisements to users of these programs

How could you tapped into this channel for your business ?
Is is feasible ? Yes ? No ?
Your decide.


Are you on Twitter ?

Are you on Twitter ?
If so, how are you tapping onto this channel for communication ? Be it for business, personal or ?

In this video from TED, Twitter Co-founder Evan Williams, reveals that many of the ideas driving that growth came from unexpected uses invented by the users themselves.

How are you tapping onto Twitter as a communication channel ?
Your thoughts ?
Are you on Twitter ?
Ping me on Twitter.


Open Source Web Analytics

Here's Piwik, an alternative to Google Analytics in tracking your website visitors' onsite clicking behavior. What's really unique with this open source tool is its features are built inside plugins, which mean to say you can add new features and remove the ones you don’t need. And in addition, the user interface is fully customizable.

Try the Piwik online demo

How to get started ?

  1. Download the Piwik 0.2.30 zip file
  2. Upload onto your web server (Requirement of at least PHP 5.1 and a Mysql database)
  3. Start tracking the onsite clicking behaviour !
  4. Analyze the findings
  5. Optimize
  6. Repeat steps 4-6
Now your turn.
Any other open source web analytics we have missed out ?


How Gary Vaynerchuk turn negative into positive through social media

In this video,Gary Vaynerchuk clearly demonstrates how an organization could quickly turn around a negative crisis into positive, through social media. One of his network sites,Corkd,was hacked and here's how he personally addressed the situation:

Now your turn.
How would you respond to a negative crisis ?
What actions would you initiate ? Why and Why not?


PPC Landing Page: Are they aligned ?

Let's start off the year with a quick look at a PPC campaign which is running LIVE on Google as of this writing and how we could learn and apply from here. If this is your first time here, do take a look at my last post on what's in for your website visitors and do share your thoughts with us in this post.

Let's do a Google on "storage for paintings" and imagine ourself in need of more space for storing our lovely painting collection.

And here's the first position ad:

Seems like they are essentially squeezing all their product offerings onto this ppc ad, wishing the potential customer / searchers will click onto it just because they have everything listed on the ad.
Does the ad seems only understandable to the company offering this ? Or should it be the other way round ? No Call to Action found. What's in for the potential customer ? What are they really looking for ? What's the benefit other than as low as $50 ?

Now moving onto the landing page:

Once landed onto the landing page, searchers are left to figure out why they are here in the first place. What's next for the searchers ? What's the desirable action ? What's in for them ? The story doesn't ends here by just throwing them onto a generic landing page. Is it really worthy to spend the money driving interested searchers onto your landing page and after which having them to bounce out in a few seconds just because they can't find what they were promised or looking for.

Even having a highly motivated searcher with the intent to seek the solution themselves through clicking onto the Contact Us button; additional voluntary steps will have to be initiated by them in either dialing the number or email listed on the section. How many searchers would be willing to go the extra mile for you ?

Now Your Turn.
What other learnings could we add on ?


What's In for your website visitors ?

Doesn't matter if you have the best structured ppc campaigns, high click through rates or great ad copies for all your ppc campaigns.

Before you get really excited about it, do you know what happens next after your visitors lands onto your website ? The "What's in for me" objective starts to kicks in for visitors whom came onto your website because of what they were told earlier on in your ppc ads, so does your landing page offer what they were looking for ?

If Yes...good job...however the journey does not ends here....did they eventually completed the goal or objective which you hope they would do so (Be it signing up for your newsletter, filling up a form,etc...) once they landed onto your landing page ? Did they take action ?

If No....Why ? And Why not ?

Today in this post, I will be sharing some tips which you should give it a try and let the data speaks for itself:

  • What's the goal / objective once your ppc visitors lands onto your particular landing page ?
  • Instead of landing your ppc visitors onto your generic homepage, try sending them to a customized page which is relevant to what they were looking for when they were clicking onto your ppc ads earlier on.
  • Test which ppc ad copies work best for the individual landing pages (product/info /etc)
  • Split testing your ppc ad copies constantly.
  • Start small and learn from your testings before scaling up.
  • Once you're confident enough, try Google Website Optimizer in testing different elements of your landing page; finding out which elements work together best in achieving higher conversions for your landing page goals / objectives.
If you're really serious about getting better ROI for your ppc campaigns, try the above mentioned tips,not only will you get higher conversions but also getting to understand more about your website visitors' behavior and in turn creating more targeted and relevant content for them.

To end this post with a mantra: Learn, Analyze, Test, Repeat*
Agree or Disagree ?
Your Turn Now !

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