PPC Landing Page: Are they aligned ?

Let's start off the year with a quick look at a PPC campaign which is running LIVE on Google as of this writing and how we could learn and apply from here. If this is your first time here, do take a look at my last post on what's in for your website visitors and do share your thoughts with us in this post.

Let's do a Google on "storage for paintings" and imagine ourself in need of more space for storing our lovely painting collection.

And here's the first position ad:

Seems like they are essentially squeezing all their product offerings onto this ppc ad, wishing the potential customer / searchers will click onto it just because they have everything listed on the ad.
Does the ad seems only understandable to the company offering this ? Or should it be the other way round ? No Call to Action found. What's in for the potential customer ? What are they really looking for ? What's the benefit other than as low as $50 ?

Now moving onto the landing page:

Once landed onto the landing page, searchers are left to figure out why they are here in the first place. What's next for the searchers ? What's the desirable action ? What's in for them ? The story doesn't ends here by just throwing them onto a generic landing page. Is it really worthy to spend the money driving interested searchers onto your landing page and after which having them to bounce out in a few seconds just because they can't find what they were promised or looking for.

Even having a highly motivated searcher with the intent to seek the solution themselves through clicking onto the Contact Us button; additional voluntary steps will have to be initiated by them in either dialing the number or email listed on the section. How many searchers would be willing to go the extra mile for you ?

Now Your Turn.
What other learnings could we add on ?


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