What's In for your website visitors ?

Doesn't matter if you have the best structured ppc campaigns, high click through rates or great ad copies for all your ppc campaigns.

Before you get really excited about it, do you know what happens next after your visitors lands onto your website ? The "What's in for me" objective starts to kicks in for visitors whom came onto your website because of what they were told earlier on in your ppc ads, so does your landing page offer what they were looking for ?

If Yes...good job...however the journey does not ends here....did they eventually completed the goal or objective which you hope they would do so (Be it signing up for your newsletter, filling up a form,etc...) once they landed onto your landing page ? Did they take action ?

If No....Why ? And Why not ?

Today in this post, I will be sharing some tips which you should give it a try and let the data speaks for itself:

  • What's the goal / objective once your ppc visitors lands onto your particular landing page ?
  • Instead of landing your ppc visitors onto your generic homepage, try sending them to a customized page which is relevant to what they were looking for when they were clicking onto your ppc ads earlier on.
  • Test which ppc ad copies work best for the individual landing pages (product/info /etc)
  • Split testing your ppc ad copies constantly.
  • Start small and learn from your testings before scaling up.
  • Once you're confident enough, try Google Website Optimizer in testing different elements of your landing page; finding out which elements work together best in achieving higher conversions for your landing page goals / objectives.
If you're really serious about getting better ROI for your ppc campaigns, try the above mentioned tips,not only will you get higher conversions but also getting to understand more about your website visitors' behavior and in turn creating more targeted and relevant content for them.

To end this post with a mantra: Learn, Analyze, Test, Repeat*
Agree or Disagree ?
Your Turn Now !


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