Vitamins ?

31 March * Vitamins ?

Define Vitamins.
Yes,vitamins for the mind.

Have you been constantly learning...
Or experimentation new horizons ?

These are the vitamins for the mind.
Keeping your mind fresh with new horizons...
Starts today or NOW.....
if you had not been taking vitamins, for the mind.



28 March * Intuition

Define Intuition.
Have you been listening to your intuition ?

Does it proves to be the solutions to your problems ?
Or does it not ?

Does it helped if you seek your intuition ?
In your life ?

Had it failed you before, if you tried listening
to your intuition ?

Or had it proved to be, really worth listening to ?
Have you thought of ,making better use of it ?

Heard life experiences from people you know
regarding intuition ?


Question The Status Quo

27 March * Question The Status Quo

Define Routine.
Is your daily life like a routine ?

Do something different to break free from your routine....
Just because you changed your daily routine...
You might discover things you never thought possible before.

Turn off the "Auto" routine mode to "Manual" to override the daily routine.

Have tried something different from your routine today ?



26 March * Influence

Define Influence.

Is your daily life constantly influenced by others ?
By the people surrounding you, be it your family members, your friends ?

Are you often easily influenced by their philosophy of life ?
Or vice versa ?

Influenced by the ever expanding media ?
The fashion trend influence ?

Is their approach to life and problem different from yours ?
And you are influenced by their approach of life ?

What is the distinct difference of how
you view your world from others ?

Are you the being influenced ?
Or others influenced by you ?

You decide.....


People Profile: Howard Schultz

25 March * People Profile:Howard Schultz

The man behind the Starbucks Coffee.
He gave up his high rank of vice president and general manager of Hammarplast's housewares subsidiary. His appartment in Manhattan, his car, good salary, he left it all behind.

Just to persuade his dreams, and created a worldwide brand, Starbucks Coffee.

"Seeing what other people don't see,
and pursing that vision no matter who tells you not to."
* Howard Schultz *

Ponder this:
Would you be willing to give up what
you have, to persuade the impossible ?

Have you kept yourself open to new horizons ?
And challenge the status quo ?


Food For The Mind

24 March * Food For The Mind

Overwhelm with the ever increasing
information you receive daily ?

Which information is more vital ?
Which information is excess ?

Have you tried shifting out your area of vision to a larger frame to view the information ?

Or shifting in your area of vision to view close up of an information ?

Have you tried visiting the art museum, the park or etc....
To allow new ways of viewing new concepts.
Give it a try, make time for food for the mind....


You !!

22 March * You !!

"Nobody can motivate you, except yourself ! "
* Rock Your Boat ! *


Mental Blocks

21 March * Mental Blocks

What are the mental blocks that constraint your creativity?
Are there other alternatives to solve a problem ?
Or are you confining yourself to other alternatives ?

Are you willing to stepping out from your comfort zone ?
To view other aspects of solving a problem ?

What you want to create, is what you think of.....
What you think of, is what you create....


Quote This !

19 March * Quote This !

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things only hoped for.
* Epicurus (341 BC - 270 BC) *

Status ?

19 March * Status ?

Define what "Status" meant to you...
Does Status bring eternal happiness ?
Does Status meant Successful in life ?

What does a High Status meant to you ?
Or a Low Status meant to you ?

You decide....


Somebody Or Nobody ?

18 March *Somebody Or Nobody ?

Always thought of becoming "Somebody" in the society ?
Or "Nobody" ?

Why become "Somebody" in the society ?
and not "Nobody" ?

Is it because of the so called desired status ?
Or desire to ensure that people think well of oneself ?

The approval from others ?
The recognition or the "Love from society" ?

You decide.........

"It's not my place in society that makes me well off,
but my judgements;and these i can carry with me.....
These alone are my own and can't be taken away".
*Epictetus, Discourses (c.AD 100 )*


Success = Money ?

16 March * Success = Money ?

Does Success in life meant acquiring lots of money ?
Does money brings you happiness ?
Does your life fulfilment comes from money ?
What is your life's philosophy ?

Are you working for the money ?



13 March * Hmm...

Good Grades in College = Great Prospect in Life ?
Bad Grades in College = Bad Outcome in Life ?
High IQ = Better Future prospect ?
High EQ = ..........

Predictable or UnPredictable ?
You decide.....
You are your own judge, or jury


Whose Life is it ?

09 March * Whose Life is it ?

Are you controlling your own life ?
Is your life being controlled ?

Always based your life on where everyone is heading ?
Or taking back control of YOUR LIFE !!

Changed your life because someone told you to ?
Or live your life your WAY !!

Is someone guiding your direction of life ?
Or guiding yourself to your desired life.



08 March * EQ Vs. IQ

Which is more important ?
Does a high IQ meant everything ?
Or does a high EQ plays a better role in life ?

IQ at work or EQ at work ?
At the workplace, which plays a more significant role ?

Its up for you to decide.....


Rock This !

06 March * Rock This !

Failure, the prologue to Success......
Failure, the gateway of learning......
Failure, the fastest way to Success..

What's your definition of Failure ?
Ponder this...


Quote This !

04 March * Quote This !

Success is the ability to go from one failure
to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
*Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) *

Rise and Fall Of dReamz....

04 March * Rise and Fall Of dReamz....

February 20' 2005...Dawn of dReamz...
.....Beginning Of new erA.................
March 04' 2005.....Fall of dReamz.....

What is the meaning of life to you ?
What's your life's meaning ?
Do you have a meaning in life ?
Success or Failure....
Money or Happiness ?
Does it matter ?

When's your life's most meaningful moment ?
When's your life's worst moment ?

Are you satisfied with your life now ?

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