Quote Of The Day*

28 NOVEMBER * Quote Of The Day~

Take a chance! All life is a chance.
The man who goes furthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.
~Dale Carnegie ~


Rock Your Way to Success #12

27 NOVEMBER * Rock Your Way to Success #12

* Cool Projects *

Start your own mini Projects...
Unleashed your ideas...
Something that interests You...
Try something really cool....
Do something really cool...
Projects that matters...
Your Ideas that rocks...
No Limits....
No Boundries...
Start Now...
Make It Happen...


Rock Your Way to Success #11

26 NOVEMBER * Rock Your Way to Success #11

* Self-Censorship *

What does self-censorship mean to you ? As stated in the dictionary, it meant " exclusion from consciousness by the psychic censor " .The next time round, don't fool yourself into thinking you can't handle something BIG or Important. Be realistic and you will amaze yourself. If you have been self-censorshipping yourself, it's time to unlock the mental censorship.


Rock Your Way to Success #10

23 NOVEMBER * Rock Your Way to Success #10

* Champion Your Success *

In order to make your ideas possible, you had to champion it yourself. Yes, it all depends on your determination to make your ideas or projects that matters.
Spread the idea or project like a virus. Run Ads. Manufacture it. Differentiate it. Make it happen.


Rock Your Way to Success #09

21 NOVEMBER * Rock Your Way to Success #09

* Share *

Share...your Success
Share...your Failures
Share...your Knowledge
Share...your Network
Share...your Stories
Share...With Everyone
Share...Rock-Your-Boat.blogspot.com with everyone.
Yes..and i do mean sharing and helping people, people will share and help you too. Even with infants, YES. There's no limits to sharing ! If you haven't been doing it, do it NOW !


Rock Your Way to Success #08

19 NOVEMBER * Rock Your Way to Success #08

* Network *

1 + 1 = 2 Contacts
10 + 10 = 20 Contacts
100 + 100 = 200 Contacts
100... + 100... = 100...... Contacts !!
Network ! And i do mean expanding your network of people, if you haven't been doing so, start NOW. Expand your Network, anytime, anyday, any moment.
Network Your Way To Success....


Rock Your Way to Success #07

18 NOVEMBER * Rock Your Way to Success #07

* Criticism *
IGNORE what other people are trying to say "Your idea is not going to Work !". The reason for these people telling you that is because they are jealous. They don't have a great idea like what you have !


Rock Your Way to Success #06

17 NOVEMBER * Rock Your Way to Success #06

Yes...what does the word innovation means to you ? Are creative people the only ones who are innovative ? NO..!! and i do meant NO, anyone no matter who, are born different and that to say EVERYONE is capable of creating new innovations. Everyone is CREATIVE in different ways, just waiting for yourself to unlock it. Innovation is only possible if you start to look, try and challenging the status quo.

Keyword: YOU are creative to Innovate.


Rock Your Way to Success #05

14 NOVEMBER * Rock Your Way to Success #05

Persistence beats Resistance....!!
Persistence....Your Way to Success...!!
Persistence, Your Way...No Matter What The Outcome Is...

Nothing Stops Persistence Unless You SAY SO...


Rock Your Way to Success #04

13 NOVEMBER * Rock Your Way to Success #04

*Say YES To Failure*
The next time you faced any failures in any part of your life, welcome it. Though you will have all the negative impulses coming to your head, tell yourself that failure is an event and not because of you. By saying YES to failure, meaning to say you had taken the first step to try out something new or wow. It's whole lot better than to sit there and do nothing, don't you think so.


Rock Your Way to Success #03

12 NOVEMBER * Rock Your Way to Success #03

No matter what you say is useless until action is actually taken to implement it. Doesn't matter if it's a failure or success, at least you had taken the first step of taking action to accomplish your goals or ideas. It's better than all talk and no action taken.Does this sounds familiar to you "Hey..i thought of that great idea before...if only..i had taken action last time." The bottom line, take action to at least try than sitting there talking only.


Rock Your Way to Success #02

11 NOVEMBER * Rock Your Way to Success #02

*POSITIVE* Attitude
Every morning when you wake up, choose to be positive and remove those negatives thoughts from your head. You can compare the differences if you choose vice versa. Stray away from negative people, as negative thoughts are contagious. Choose to read positive books by Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar. The Positive Attitude starts with YOU.


Rock Your Way to Success #01

09 NOVEMBER * Rock Your Way to Success #01

Without a doubt, Time is the our most valuable commodity. Try recalling the times when " how i really wish i could travel back to the past ". Somethings or decisions that you did or make, would never be reversible. So why not make full usage of your time and not regret it in the future.


Hmm....I'm Having a Bad Day...

03 NOVEMBER * Hmm....I'm Having a Bad Day...

Ever had this thought "Hmm....why am i so unlucky today ? " or " Everything seems so...wrong...so...bad...today". Try recalling, the so called "Unlucky Chain Of Reactions" that kick start the so called "Your Bad Day". Will it be different if you started being postive after the so called the first unlucky event or incident ? Is there a so call "Bad Day" in the calender ? There can be one in your calender if you try to create one. Actually there is no Bad days, only if you think so to yourself.

Key point : A Bad Day is only possible if you try to create one.
A Good Day is always possible if you want to create one.


Post-It Notes !

01 November * Post-It Notes !

Post-It notes, how often do you really use it ? Why are you using it ? Recall the times when you have several goals you want to achieve, but you didn't jot it down ? How about those IDEAS that pops up in your head suddenly ? Only when you want to recall it, it just vanished in thin air. Well here's a really great way to counter it, Post-It Notes !

Want to capture those IDEAS or goals ? Here's the bite, Post-It Notes !

  • Stick the Post-It Notes up - Onto your bathroom mirror.
  • Anywhere that you will see it everyday.
  • Kept on looking onto it - You will eventually achieved it, since you will become sick just by looking at it everyday.
  • Post-It Notes to your hall of fame (where all the goals that had been achieved) to somewhere you can recall the success moments.
  • Do it NOW !

This really works....and it will change your life from day one you started this !

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