Post-It Notes !

01 November * Post-It Notes !

Post-It notes, how often do you really use it ? Why are you using it ? Recall the times when you have several goals you want to achieve, but you didn't jot it down ? How about those IDEAS that pops up in your head suddenly ? Only when you want to recall it, it just vanished in thin air. Well here's a really great way to counter it, Post-It Notes !

Want to capture those IDEAS or goals ? Here's the bite, Post-It Notes !

  • Stick the Post-It Notes up - Onto your bathroom mirror.
  • Anywhere that you will see it everyday.
  • Kept on looking onto it - You will eventually achieved it, since you will become sick just by looking at it everyday.
  • Post-It Notes to your hall of fame (where all the goals that had been achieved) to somewhere you can recall the success moments.
  • Do it NOW !

This really works....and it will change your life from day one you started this !


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