Optimzing your Landing Page Conversion

In this video interview, Scott Brinker shares his thoughts on landing page features that could help double the conversion rate of standard landing pages.

Where do you normally drive prospects / visitors clicking onto your Generic keywords to ?

  • A Generic home page ?
  • Category page ? Or ?
Have you tried utilizing a 2-step landing pages to segment click-throughs from generic keywords ? Scott Brinker explains how 2-step landing pages can be used to segment click-throughs from generic keywords to boost conversion rates in the following video:

How to create 2-step landing pages ?
  • First step is a 1-click segmentation choice - Offering the generic keywords prospects / visitors an option in selecting the appropriate segment (self-segmentation) that relates to them.
  • Second step is the selected destinated landing page which is of relevance to the generic keywords prospects / visitors.

Why create 2-step landing pages ?
  • Ads messaging relevance to individual segment - Through this segmentation, data could be obtained in having a better understanding on which of your ppc ads are attracting the particular segment.
  • Segment Conversion Rate - And through the second click, we would be able to determine which segments are converting and which are not.
Ponder this:
  • Will you still drive your generic keywords prospects / visitors to generic landing pages ?
  • Or start testing and increase your conversion rate ?

  1. Why not create a simple 2-step landing page in testing your conversion rate ?
  2. And share your testing results with us


Megan said...

Hi Deric,

Glad you liked Scott's interview. The 2-step landing pages really work -- I've seen conversions double when clients test them against single landing pages.


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