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How well does your website or blog fare ?
What's your website or blog score out of 100 ?
Try this FREE tool by Website Grader to find out.

What this tool does is it measures the marketing effectiveness of your website / blog based on 5 broad search engine marketing factors. So what are the 5 factors taken into consideration ?

The 5 factors taken into consideration namely:

On-Page SEO
* Your page titles - What is your website about ?
* Headings - Is your heading relevant and friendly to both human and search engine spiders ?
* Content - Is your content relevant and interesting ?
* Meta tags - What is website about ? What are your keywords ?
* Alt Tags - How do you want the search engine spiders to see your image ?
* Readability level - How reader friendly is your content ?

Off-Page SEODomain Info
* Google PageRank - How well does your web pages fare in Google search ?
* Google Indexed Pages - Spider crawling frequency ?
* Last Google Crawl Date - Spider crawling frequency ?
* Inbound Links - How many other sites are linking to your website ?

If your website is a blog or you have a corporate blog, this might be useful information for you.
* Blog Analysis
* Blog Ranking - Ranking based on Technorati
* Subscription Methods - How people can subscribe to your blog easily either through RSS feed or an email subscription form

Social Mediasphere
Your web presence outside of your own website is also vital.
* del.icio.us bookmarks - Is your website bookmarked by many ?
* Digg.com Submission Summary - How many of your website articles are being submitted ?

Competitive Intelligence
* Competing Websites
* Historical Data Available

Try this tool to determine how well your search marketing fare.


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