Optimize Your Email Marketing

Email marketing.
Are you utilizing it ?
If so, are you communicating it effectively ?
Are you communicating relevant content to
your segment of existing or potential customers ?
How could you do better ?

Here's some optimizing tips to share:

> Call to action above the fold
According to research, not many tend to scroll down the
entire email communication offers they receive, thereby missing
out on the call to action found at the end of the email. So be sure to
include a compelling call to action above the fold to entice them in
taking action.

> Reduce graphic intensive email

> Having ALT-text tagging embedded onto your graphic
image in your email helps ensure your readers getting to
read your message even if it's block by the email client.

> Consistent layout
Since readers spent considerable time learning your email
layout and structure, so don't make them having to
relearn your new layout every now and than.

> Test Test Test & Optimize
Conducting A/B testing and let your readers decide for you
what works and what don't in ensuring you are delivering
relevant content to them.
Yes test every element from copy to call to action.
The testing doesn't ends here...
Test...Test...Test...on a on-going effort

Your turn.
Are you taking action in optimizing your email marketing efforts ?
You decide.


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