Vinton Cerf talks about Web 2.0 and beyond....

What's next for Web 2.0 and beyond ?
What's the next 50 years for internet development ?
What impact will the internet be hitting us now and tomorrow ?
How are our life intertwined with the technology and beyond ?
Are you ready for it ?

The VP of Engineering and Chief Internet Evangelist of Google, Vinton G. Cerf shared his perspective on the current trend and the future of internet development on an interesting evening held at Suntec City in the Lion City on 23th May 2008. In case you missed the event or just want to recap the fantastic event, how's the video:

“Tracking the Internet into the 21st Century”

Your turn.....
What's your perspective on the future of Internet ?
Are you ready for it ?
Is your company ready to make the leap ?
If not, how could you leverage it into your business / communication strategy ?


Wakezilla said...

Hi. Two thoughts for you today.

1. MarketingExperiments has developed a formula for Viral Marketing.

Viral Marketing Formula (Vr)

Vr = 5C(F,P,S…) + M – f

Vr = Viral Ratio
C = Contagion
M = Message (underlying)
f = Friction (mechanism)
F = Fun
P = Pride
S = Sentimentality

2. I found this post on LinkedIn where an Alice Fisher posted an edited version of my original.

Influence and interaction and results are the ways in which a social media campaign can be measured. Each has quantitative and qualitative elements.

INFLUENCE Quantitative - 1. the number of people joining and in the network
2. the number of networks/social communities/platforms
3. the growth rate of your network

Qualitative -
1. who is in the network?
2. what is the motivation for people joining the network?
3. what ideas are discussed in the networks

INTERACTION Quantitative -
1. the number of communication methods within a platform
2. the number of scheduled tasks(eg. messages, replies, comments, bulletins, blogs, etc)

Qualitative -
1. the types of communication being sent out
2. who are you targeting with a particular message?

RESULTS Quantitative -
1. number of leads generated
2. number of sales generated
3. number of new contacts made
4. revenue generated

Deric Loh said...

Hi Wakezilla,
Great stuff you have here to share with us.

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