Optimize Your Email Marketing, Part 2

Have you tried utilizing the last email optimization
tips which was shared in the last post ?

More to share you say ?
Alright let this post be the Part 2
of Optimize Your Email Marketing

Less talk...here's some additional
optimization tips to share:

> Allow your readers to opt in or opt out
from your email communication conveniently.
Yes, you definitely do not want your readers to
labeled your emails as SPAM just because they
felt frustrated of not being able to opt out from your
email offers conveniently .

> Instead of bombarding them with everything at once,
try communicating relevant content with your segments
at different stage of their relationship with you.
Build an on-going relationship with them step by step and
NOT a one-way dialogue.

> Track all the clicks in the emails...be obsessed with
tracking the readers' clicking behavior. Let them help
you determine what works and what don't with your copy,
colors, hero shot to call to action buttons.

> Remember to instill a control and variable group
for your email marketing testings efforts. In order to
track which or what new elements work or don't in the
variable group as compared to the control.

Your turn.
Share your optimization tips with us.

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