Competitive Analysis Tool - Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed the importance of analyzing your competition through the use of online competitive analysis tool such as Google Trends. In this second install, I will be sharing another free tool which you could also utilize.

Part 2: compete
So what's so special about compete ?
Firstly, their Site Analytics tool, allows you to compare amongst two other competitors of your choice or among three of your competitors. After you entered the three sites to be compare, the tool plots three different graphs, which allows you to analyze the site traffic and how engaged your consumers are, in comparison to the competition.


Secondly, their Search Analytics tool,allows you to identify the keywords driving traffic to your website, identify gaps in your search strategy, invest in terms that drive the most engaged visitors, and track your performance against competitors and peers.

How did you fare against your competitors online ?
And how engaged are your consumers in comparison to the competition ?
How are you optimizing your search marketing campaigns in driving site traffic and increase the bottom line revenues ?

Here's the Part 1 of the series:
. Competitive Analysis Tool - Part 1: Google Trends


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