Want to maximize your website ROI ? Read this

How are you designing your website ?
Is it driven purely just by art ?
Or is it driven by science ?
Or is it both ?
Are you maximizing your return on investment (ROI) ?

Web Design for ROI

In this book, Web Design for ROI, by Lance Loveday & Sandra Niehaus, shows you how to make your web sites accountable. With design decisions based on metrics and business goals. Not just driven either by art or science separately but having both the art + science working hand in hand, in achieving both your financial returns and competitive advantage.

The authors also shows you concrete design guidelines from Landing pages,Home pages,Category pages,Detail pages,Forms to the Checkout processes. Lastly, the book is packed with helpful real examples from a wide variety of sites which makes it easier for you in understanding how to apply it onto your website.

Now time to take action and drive your returns

  1. Find out more at the book's site at Web Design for ROI.
  2. Get it at Amazon.com.


Sandra Niehaus said...

Hey Deric,
Thanks for the kind mention of the book! Hope your readers find it helpful for improving their web sites.

-- Sandra

Deric Loh said...

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for sharing the wonderful insights in your book. If you're reading this....Grab this book if you're serious in improving your website ROI.


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