Optimization #02: Test ! Test ! Test !

Are you testing your website ?
If so, how are you testing it ?
A/B or Multivariate testing ?
Utilizing your in-house expertise or 3rd party software ?

Even having all the available tools, in helping you determine the audience insights, nothing is going to happen unless you take action testing it. The simplest way of finding what what works and what doesn't is just this: Let your audience determine for you.

  • Which of your message work or doesn't work ?
  • Which copy works ? and doesn't work ?
  • Which color/s on your call to action button is having a higher conversion rate ?
  • Which image works ? and doesn't work ?
  • Which headlines work ? and doesn't work ?
  • Which has a better conversion rate ? flash or static image display ?
Let your audience determine for you.
Let the testing do the walk.

First time testing and don't know where or how to start ?
Try Google's FREE alternative, Google Website Optimizer.It might not be as sophisticated as other 3rd party software providers, but it provides just the essentials required for first timers before moving onto other alternatives.
  • Sign up for Google Adwords account and you're ready to go.
  • Determine your key areas of your website.
  • Test it !
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