Using Restrooms as a media ?

How often can you capture your consumers for 5 minutes, while they are sitting down and they are not allowed to go anywhere but to listen solely to your commercial message ? Sounds like a dream scenario ? Well, this is precisely what Proctor and Gamble did, with their brand Charmin, toilet paper, sponsoring 20 public toilets in New York City during the Christmas.

The public toilets are
embedded with Charmin branding, from the brand graphics, music, Charmin characters to the scented toilet paper perfume. What interesting is, consumers can even get to sample up to six different toilet papers by Charmin, and select one they like best to use. What an unconventional way in getting their consumers to interact with the Charmin brand and not just one dimension but the overall brand experience touch points.

How about your brand ?

  • How are you tapping into alternatives, in building a memorable brand experience with your consumers ?
  • How well is your brand interacting with every consumer touch points ?
  • How are you communicating with your consumers ? Using the same concept again and again ?


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