Optimization #03: Landing Page

How are you optimizing your landing page ?
Does it ultimately leads your audience....
Signing up for your newsletter ?
Downloading your trial software ?
Signing up for latest product updates ?

High conversion or low conversion rate ?
How can you improve your conversion rate ?

Or are you going by your "Gut feeling" ?

In this post, I will be sharing my humble tips on optimizing your landing page, which hopefully will help drive your conversion rate. All the elements found in your landing page, plays a role on driving your overall conversion rate success . So what are the elements ?

1. The Layout for your landing page:

  • 1 vertical column layout.
  • Or 2 vertical column layout.
  • Or 3 vertical column layout. Or ?
  • The placement of your copy (top of the page, middle, bottom or ?)
  • The placement of your image (top of the page, middle,bottom or ?)
  • The placement of your call to action button (top of the page, middle,bottom or ?)
2. The Copywriting:
  • The message / s that entice your audience in taking action. Which version converts better ?
  • Longer or shorter copy ? Which version converts better ?
  • Product benefit or key benefit copy ?
  • Quotes, testimonial or 3rd party endorsement ? Does it help convert ? Which version converts better ?
3. Call to action button:
  • The copy on the call to action button that entice your audience in taking action.
  • The size of the call to action button. Bigger or smaller ?
  • The color of the call to action button. More color or one color ?
4. The image:
  • Portraying human or graphic design ? Which version converts better ?
  • Flash or static version ? Which version coverts better ?
So what works and what doesn't works ?
Let your audience decide for you.
Lastly, even with the data, nothing is going to happen unless you test it !

Take action: Run the Multivariate page testing.
  • Evaluate your control versus your variations.
  • Let the data do the talk.
Gut feeling or your audience telling you what they want ?
You decide.

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