How are you conducting your research ?
For your business ?
Or for your personal website or blog ?
Are you conducting it offline ?
Online or integration of both ?

If you're conducting your research online, and don't have the programming knowledge or capital, try QuestionForm by forweb software.

What QuestionForm brings is pretty straight forward, a
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, whereby you could just drag and drop the desired fields or options, edit the text, and there's your survey ready to roll out, all without having any prior HTML or programming knowledge.




Other cool features include:

  • Multiple versions of your survey in different languages,which is automatically determined by the system in helping your respondent selects his or her language.
  • Getting a buzz either through an email or SMS when a respondent submits your survey to the system.
Lastly, a survey wouldn't be useful without analysing the why's , QuestionForm provides you with statistics based on your survey responses, allowing you to track your survey responses in real time. You could also export the data to your spreadsheet for future reference.

What do you think ?


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