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In the last post on Keyword analysis, I've shared with everyone on the various FREE keyword analysis tools that are readily available, so before we begin on today's post. Let's put on our thinking caps and....

Ponder this :

  • How are you utilizing the available free tools ?
  • And how are you optimizing your keyword search ?
In this post today, I'll be sharing a tool in analyzing your natural search traffic. Without further delay, here's the indispensable FREE tool for your search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) : 103bees, The all in one tool in analyzing your search engine traffic.

So, what does the tool provide you with ?

Latest search hits

Providing you with latest search engine hits for your website,
along with the landing page and search engine information.

Top query keywords
What are the most popular keywords used by your visitor in finding your website.

Search engines
Understand where search traffic is coming from
(google ? Yahoo ? Or ?) and how you can optimize
your search based on that.

Search engine rankings
Identify the top search terms rankings for your website and optimize your search efforts.

Related keywords
Identify the related keywords in search queries.

Long Tail

Identify whether your website search term popularity is a Short Head’ (few search terms that bring lots of traffic) or a ‘Long Tail’ (many search terms with only a few search hits each).

Top landing pages
Identify which are your top landing pages.

So, how do you start analyzing and optimize your search ?
Register for a FREE account and simply just tag the single line of Javascript code provided by 103bees onto your desired web pages.

Now isn't it time to take action and try it out for yourself.
Time to optimize your search.

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