Lessons Learned From "CLOSING"

04 OCTOBER * Lessons Learned From "CLOSING" Deals
Before i begin, i regret not reading the wonderful book written by the "MASTERCLOSER" James W.Picken until me learn the hard way. This book really rock my life and i mean "CHANGE" in a big bang.So if you are reading this......go get yourself this book "The Art Of Closing Any Deals".What i am going to share are the lessons learned the hard way of "Closing" deals.From past humble experiences, either from what i learned and from people whom i assoicated with regards to "Closing" Deals. Here are the following to share.

01 * Never "Argue" With A Potential Prospect.
From shared experiences, some of the so called "salesman" failed to realise this very important factor. Which not only pissed the Prospect and will miss that & many more deals to come. Instead of trying to argue with the prospect,listen to what the real problems that needs to be amend to.The potential prospect is here to gain something that will solve their problem and not here to hear what will not help them solve that need.


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Would be better if there are more than just one point...

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