Ticket To Failure - "Don't Rock My Boat"

17 OCTOBER * Ticket To Failure - "Don't Rock My Boat"
Heard or know how many people who tried to be different failed big time, people who tried very hard but still failed. The "You Can't Make It ! " philosophy from the relatives or people you know. Many more other changes or thought initiatives failure. So what if it is ! The only thing that really matters to you is whether you are affected by, what the world or people is trying to shape your thoughts or lifestyle. Think about it, will it be different if YOU choose what you really want.

In reality, there's one thing for sure is that isn't one ticket to instant "Success" . But YOU can change or eliminate your so called "Failure" thoughts or habits.

How to Fail faster ? See what your Failure Factor is......

1. Status Quo: You are satisfied with what you achieve and the Status Quo. You are very comfortable in your "Comfort Zone". "Comfort Zone" which is also the number one killer of human potential ! Never stop your hunger for learning, and i meant learning even till the day you parted with this world.

2. Take No-Risk: "I have tried taking enough risk, why don't let someone else do it". "Let me have the safest route without risk". The fastest way to failure is to not try at all.

3. InFlexible : Follow everything accordingly to the books or rules and nothing will go wrong. Stick to the stiff policy or rules. Don't worry somebody out there will appreciate you !

Here's the good news for Failures : Only YOU refuse to grow if YOU choose to. Your limit is YOU if think it is enough.

Ask yourself this
Am i trying Enough ?
What are my limits ?
What is my Goal ?


Ruby said...

Very interesting blog you have here. I will have to come back and read some more.

scratch-book said...

Bro, looks like your blog is getting more and more supporter. Great work! Thanks for sharing your inspiration.


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