Creativity Comes From....Who ? YOU !!

25 OCTOBER * Creativity Comes From....Who ? YOU !!

What does creativity means to you ? How much do you know about creativity ? Are you studying enough creativity ? Answer: Not enough..... Always thought of seeing someone's great idea and saying "Oh...i also have the same idea...but...only i never say it..until NOW !" Seems familiar with that thought ? Seeing a great idea and having a great idea is a BIG difference ! Think about the guy who invented the radio and the guy that bought one.

Having constantly questioning and studying with lots of people and the environment....to come up with attributes or elements, that inspires or WoWs my own creative process.Here are some of the attributes or elements. See where you can rate yourself in.

1. Self-Label / Belief - Before the creative ideas start flowing, you must be believe in yourself that you are able to create it. Doesn't matter what others told you, just believe you are Creative...and you will be !!

2.Say YES to Failure - You must be willing to accept and welcome failure and keep on trying and trying. Willing to try something new that you never thought possible. There's no short cut to success.Think about all the people who make it BIG, do you think they had not encountered or faced any Failure or risk ? By saying YES to failure....only will your creative ideas start flowing !

3. Criticism - IGNORE what other people are trying to say "Your idea is not going to Work !". The reason for these people telling you that is because they are jealous. They don't have a great idea like what you have !

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Michael Michalko -


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