Success Or Failure ?

14 OCTOBER * Success Or Failure ?

note: this is the first of a two part series

In whatever part of your life you will face two very common words "Success" and "Failure". Whenever you encounter "Failure" what is the first thing that you will do ? How about "Success", will it be different ? Normally many rather choose not to faced "Failure". Have you try asking yourself this question " Why am i running away from Failure ? "


scratch-book said...

People choose to avoid “Failure” because nobody likes to become one. No doubt you could learn a lot from your “Failure”, but if given a choice, “Success” will often be the choice of many. Our society has no place for “Failure”. If you keep on failing and never succeed in life, then what are you striving for?

“Failure” is not equals to “Success”. “Failures” are just part of a “Success”. And who are we to determine “Success” and “Failure” for another person? Every individual sets different standards for themselves. Do we say that a poor violinist is a “Failure” since he or she doesn’t have a great fortune? Or do we say that the violinist is successful since it is the violinist’s goal to be playing music for a career? How about a millionaire who couldn’t play the violin when he wanted to do it so badly?

Jeres Lee

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