Online Video Wars

Rejoice YouTube video viewers.....
Rejoice online video lovers....
Here comes more online video portals for your viewing....
All coming to bite off You-tube's share of audience....

Startup #1:

So what's so special about hulu ?
hulu offers full length shows like The Office, Prison Break, Bionic Woman, House and Bones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Miami Vice, Arrested Development,The Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the hill.....and according to hulu, they had partnered with E! Entertainment, FUEL TV, SciFi Network and USA Networks to bring more shows to the site.

Alright, what's the catch you say ? hulu is currently available in private beta, only to residents in the united states. So, if you live in the united states, give it a go and share with us.


Startup #2:

So, what's so special about VuMe ?
All kinds of user generated video exactly like YouTube.....However, user get paid for the videos they created and uploaded, based on how well their content had performed.

Alright, what's the catch you say ? Though this model of getting paid for posting video is differentiating them from the other online video sharing site, how long will it take other online video sharing site existing or new startups to copy this model as well ? Will you or the audience still want to come back VuMe as before ?

What do you think ?



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