Sing, Hum, or Whistle

It's Friday....

Finally after a draining week, you decided to unwind at the nearby coffee store and as you're walking through the crowd to your escape. Something suddenly caught you, a pretty smoothing tune coming from the mall, and you started to hum along the tune as it whistles pass through.

After your cup of coffee and you were on your way back home, the tune starts to hit you again but this time it's stuck in your mind.....and you can't get your mind off it....man....who's the artist behind this song you ponder......

Luckily there is Midomi, remember your hum or whistle ?

Now you can sing, hum or whistle a few bars into your microphones on your computer, and Midomi can do the job for you. Hunting for your "that" hum using its search engine to match your tune against its musical library. Not only you can finally get to own the track you're hunting for, you could also contribute to the database by singing in Midomi's online recording studio.

And who knows ?
The next time round, when someone hum or whistle, you're the next top hit !

Hmm....what's that song again ?
Ohh Sing, Hum,Whistle at Midomi
Please share your views and critique via the comments. Thanks.


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