Project Da Vinci

"Dell announces new agency agreement with WPP valued at $4.5 billion in agency billings over three years."

Dell's Chief Marketing Officer,Mark Jarvis, noted on Direct2Dell:

"We've been calling this ‘Project Da Vinci' because we've been looking for the combination of artist and scientist—an agency that has both the creative horsepower and ability to measure the business impact of their work."

Its about the ROI, the return. Time to get your return on investment from your agency creative works. If your agency is only interested in getting awards and not your business goals or your bottom line results....FIRE THEM.

The importance of analytics - Improving shareholder value is the ultimate award for all of us to win. Yes, we don't mind winning industry awards, but our customers and our shareholders are our focus, not what we can win in Cannes. A combination of great analytics and creative is key.
Dell gets it.It's time to have your analytics as core part of your business strategy and not something that belongs only to the IT department. Yes, you will need to have your analytics and creative working hand in hand together down the long journey of ROI.

The Internet revolution - When you have one billion people online and another one billion joining them over the next four years, it becomes very important for us to have the right analytics, the right team and the ability to build campaigns in days, rather than months.
Dell is ready for the next lap into the internet revolution. Are you or your company ready for the leap ? Are your senior management or company serious about improving the bottom line through analytics and optimization ? Or are you falling behind ? If so, what can you do to convince your senior management or company about it ? Can you measure your return based on your existing analytics tools ? Or is your tools merely for reporting and not taking any action at all ?

How we will coordinate - Most agencies integrate by gluing teams and people together within their holding company with a completely separate P&Ls. Da Vinci will have one global P&L. One great team at WPP to match up with our team, so we can create magic together. One team that is known for highly productive relationships between those who create and those who manage the daily work. Pretty simple stuff.
How does your existing agency linked up with your company ? Are they serious in helping drive the success and returns of your business goals and objectives ? Or are they serious about helping their agency gets their awards ? If they are.....FIRE THEM

The importance of agency talent
- We want Dell's agency to be the agency of choice for the most talented people in the world.
How do you define creative talent for your agency selection process ? How are the agency's past clients faring ? Good or Bad ? One time relationship or long term based ? Do they help to drive the bottom line results and returns ?

Dell gets it. And ready.
Are you ?


Anonymous said...

If this new agency does not perform – FIRE THEM. I almost guarantee this agency will drop the ball – not because they are incompetent – but because they come from an agency structure that is broken. All they know is how to try and "win awards." The large agency structure is by design very far from P&L. This is great idea that is doomed to fail.

All you need to do is look at the East German (or any former Soviet country) collective consciousness to realize that it takes at least a generation to change a modality.

The new upstart agencies that do not have all the layers upon layers of bureaucracy and incompetence are poised to win here.

Mark my words - Wyatt Earp.

Deric Loh said...

Hi Wyatt,
Very true with what you say, agencies need to act SMALL and think BIG.

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