The New Marketing Executive

In the presentation "Moving from Measurement to Management: Making Marketing Effective and Accountable" by John Nardone and Ed See,of Marketing Management Analytics, they noted that today many marketing departments found in entities are still filled very much by the intangible side of measurement and return. With the marketing departments managed by people whom earn their strips by splashing the dollars on television and decisions on other media expenditure.

However,today a new type of marketing executive is highly demanded by senior management, someone whom can deliver real time tangible results and returns on dollars spent.

According to John Nardone and Ed See,the essential competencies required to run the future tangible and accountable marketing department are:

  • Project Management,
  • Business Metrics Design,
  • Organization and Process Design,
  • Data/Database Design,
  • Marketing Analytics,
  • Systems Integration and
  • Change Management.
Is your current or existing team ready for the future ?
Is your current marketing head armed with
the required competencies ?

Are you ready ?

What do you think ?
Please share your views and critique via the comments. Thanks.


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