By Physicians, for Physicians

First there is Friendster,
there is MySpace,
than Facebook,
than Foops!,
now comes Sermo....

A community created by by physicians, for physicians.
So how does this works ?

Physicians from anywhere around the globe can just register at Sermo, which is FREE, and once registered they get to exchange knowledge and observations with other physicians in real time. Which allows them to learn and share the latest clinical findings, unusual events, trends and new insights on medications, devices and treatments, ultimately achieving better outcomes for patients around the globe.

Not only do physicians get to share and collaborate knowledge,
Sermo reward physicians financially for their astute observations and clinical insights that are deemed highly relevant and valuable.

A win-win situation for the physicians and patients alike.
Hmm.....what's the latest medical trends and insight you ask ?

Sermo might just have the answer.

Do you have the answer ?
Please share
your views and critique via the comments. Cheers.

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