Where did my money go to ?

It's pay day of the month.....
And it's time to get the new gadget I'm eyeing for the past month....
And guess what!
Think I'll have to put on hold for the new gadget.....been spending way too much on stuff I didn't really need at all. Time to have my expenses accounted for, hmm how about getting a financial planning software,Quicken or Microsoft Money, to manage my accounts and spending. However both software comes at a price tag and it's not really that easy to use it....

Here comes Expensr,

The web-based application which is FREE to use,
And easy to use.
It can help keep track where your money is going and the interesting part is, it helps you understand how people like you are doing with their money. You can even compare with your peers on how you're spending your hard earned capital.

Quit guessing and help yourself by predicting how long are you....
On your way to become a millionaire ?
Or on your way filing for bankruptcy ?
with the projection plan found in the web application.

Where did all your money go ?


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