Evaluate your Website

When was the last time you conducted your website evaluation ?
Or did you even conducted any at all ?

Even if you are saying "My company don't have the time or resources in maintaining the website even since it is last launched", it is inevitable to do an evaluation on your website on a on-going basis. You don't need the entire team to throughly check through it however, you could allocated a developer or programmer in conducting the evaluation.

So how do you go about conducting your website evaluation ?

Here's some elements to look into:

Broken or outdated links
One of the most commonly overlooked issue is your outdated links still lingering around live on the web. It will be bad should a potential visitor do a search on any search engine looking for information and landing on the outdated link containing obsolete or incorrect product or service information. Broken image links which doesn't help solve your potential visitors' need for the particular product picture or information.

  • Checking your path to the particular image link or whether does the image still exists on your server.
  • Verifying whether there are any outdated page /s still lingering live on web that needs to be taken off from your website.
Alignment of Layout
Conducting a routine check on whether the layouts of your website is misaligned in different web browsers. Since it is common for web browser providers, constantly updating their web browsers versions for users.

Verify your website goals and objectives again
It is good practice to ask yourself whether you are moving towards the desired goals and objectives set earlier constantly. Identify where you are now and where you're going to be heading after reaching the planned goals and objectives. If you're not setting any website goals or objectives, it is vital that you start identifying it immediately.

Don't stop after this evaluation. Make it a commitment to spent some hours monthly or even possible an hour weekly to ensure the consistency and quality of your website.


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