Internet culture

What is Internet all about ?
Do you used it often ?
Do your company utilize Internet as part of its strategy ?

Or are you skeptical about its use ?

Or are your company skeptical about its use ?

For Security reasons.....
For the risk of being affected by virus....
For the spam and intrusion of advertisements....
For being too overly comfortable in the "this is the way it has and always work in our company"....
For being uncertain about the return of investment on it....
Or ?

In the following presentation by Marco Montemagno, whom is an Italian blogger, web entrepreneur, and CEO of one of the largest weblog networks in Europe called Blogosfere , he will try to convince you if are still uncertain about the use of internet for your company.

He has been giving speeches in Italy to help spread the Internet culture. The following
Presentation video clip below is given in front of 3000 people at the Interactive Advertising Bureau Forum 2007 conference.

The presentation is in Italian, however you can expand the Full Screen Icon to view the English subtitles.

If you're ain't convince about or just curious just take a look.

A pretty impressive persuasive presentation done by
Marco Montemagno, without even using any remote for his slides presentation, all done in sync.

Please share your views and critique via the comments. Thanks


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