How are you spending your digital $$$ ?

How are you spending it ?

Or are not you spending at all ?

According to McKinsey's global marketing survey, 31% percent of the companies are spending on email as their digital advertising vehicle while 33% percent of the companies are spending on display ads as their digital advertising vehicle.

So how much are you spending your digital dollars ? If not, how much are you deciding to spend on it ? How are you spending it ? and spending it wisely ? Are you spending it for brand building, brand consideration or customer retention for your firm ?

Why are some firm slow in adapting in the use of digital-advertising or marketing vehicles or why are some firm not adapting in at all ? According to the McKinsey's global marketing survey, 52% of the users reported the reason being having insufficient metrics to measure impact on their business through the usage of the digital tools. While 41% of the users report the insufficient capabilities of the firm in adapting being the main barrier. So are your firm not utilizing the digital vehicles because of these reasons or otherwise ? Is it because of fear of brand reputation on hand ? or ? If so, how are you planning to implement any changes ? If not, how can you overcome the other barriers in your firm such as structure, people, system or the corporate culture ?

With accordance to the survey, by 2010 the Web will play a key role in consumer purchase behavior, especially with 70% of the respondents stating they will be using the digital tools for building product awareness among consumers and 83% using it on the consumers' needs for information search. The move will have an impact on every company regardless whether they adapt or not. Are your firm prepared for the move ? If not, what must your firm work on or change ? Change or extinct ?


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